Frequent Adventurer Program

  • One Transport* for $1 after the first SIX Transports* at Regular Fares within a 12-month period and

  • Unlimited Number of $1-Transports* after the second SIX Transports* at Regular Fares within a 12-month period

* One Transport is defined as i) a one-way trip between Boston & New York City OR ii) a round-trip between Boston & a near-by ski resort.

  • $1-Transports* can be redeemed interchangeably for Transport* to ski resorts with SkiSherpasm and between Boston & New York City with InterCitySherpasm

  • The Regular Fare for Transport* (as of May 1, 2019) for an adult Member traveling with GoSherpasm is $60 per passenger.  Regular Fares for seniors, youths, and children are lower. Promotional discounts may decrease these fares further.  These fares exclude a Per Pick-Up Location Surcharge  (See explanation below.)


  • To accrue and to redeem $1-Transport Credits, a Frequent Adventurer must be a due-paying Member of The GoSherpa Clubsm during the Accrual and Redemption Period. (Club Dues vary from $20.00 per month to $29.99 per month depending on the length of the Membership commitment)

  • The standard Unlimited $1-Transport Period begins on the day subsequent to the Travel Date of the 12th Transport purchased at Regular Fare and ends 365 days subsequent to the date of the First Transport purchased at Regular Fare.  To illustrate:

    Purchase 12 Transports* at Regular Fare in 4 months, and enjoy Unlimited $1-Transport* for 8 months

    Purchase 12 Transports* at Regular Fare in 10 months, and enjoy Unlimited $1-Transport* for 2 months

  • $1-Transport Credits can only be redeemed on Trips scheduled and undertaken by GoSherpasm.  There is NO COMMITMENT by GoSherpasm to undertake a Trip to a particular destination on a particular date.

  • $1-Transport Credits can NOT be redeemed on private, chartered Trips scheduled and undertaken by GoSherpasm.

  • GoSherpasm travelers may be subject to GoSherpasm’s Per Pick-Up Location Surcharge. This surcharge is levied on each party booked for a pick-up/drop-off location.  The amount of this surcharge does not vary with the number of passengers at the location.  This surcharge helps to determine the total fare in a way that yields favorable pricing to larger groups.  The amount of this surcharge is $30.00 Per Location for pick-ups/drop-offs within our Service Areas (and $60 Per Location for pick-ups/drop-offs immediately outside of our Service Areas). Shared equally, this amounts to $15.00 per person for a couple or $7.50 per person for a party of four.  Frequent Adventurers redeeming $1-Transport Credits may be subject to this Per Pick-Up Location Surcharge.

  • Redemption of $1-Transport Credits is subject to seat availability. Reservation priority may be given to passengers booking Transports* at Regular Fare before making seats available to those redeeming $1-Transport Credits. Reservation related to the redemption of $1-Transport Credits will be confirmed 1 week before Travel Date. Per Per Pick-Up Location surcharge will not be refundable upon confirmation unless the Trip is cancelled by GoSherpasm.