Affordable, Door-To-Door Travel Between 
Boston & NYC Has Arrived!

Had another great weekend in Gotham, but time to head home to Beantown now.  Normally, this would mean having to head out to Mid-Town an hour before our bus departs just to wait in this awful heat in line for 30 minutes for our turn to board our bus,  but this time around we are getting picked-up by the latest in Bostonto NYC travel  – GoSherpa.

GoSherpa is basically an affordable door-to-door, inter-city ride-share between Boston and NYC.  Door-to-door means they pick you up and drop you off where you tell them to like a limousine.  However, unlike a private car service – they do this for a price that didn’t empty out our bank accounts.  (My 3 friends and I paid $67.50 each as we had joined their GoSherpa Club.)

Well, 15 minutes before our scheduled pick-up, our Sherpa driver texted us to alert us of his impending arrival.  We got our bags together and headed to our front door.  Our van arrived as scheduled. Our Sherpa driver opened the side door for us to board (to join the couple that was already aboard), loaded our bags in the back, and we were off in a flash hitting the road for Boston.

Our van was quite spacious – easily accommodating us  (and up to 13) passengers comfortably.  There was a table around which 5 passengers could work.  Most of the other seats had trays which folded down like those on an airplane. Wifi was super fast and unlimited so we were able to study, work and then stream a movie to kill the time, conveniently  placed electrical outlets made it easy to keep our electronics charged,  There were compartments for storing day-packs, reading lamps, and reclining seats. All that made for a very productive and comfortable ride. 

We made a quick 10-minute stop at one of the service plazas just before New Haven (CT) for a stretch/bathroom break.  Other than that it was a great ride home– only this time, instead of getting off at South Station and lugging ourselves and our bags across the station to look for our taxi/Uber, we were being dropped off right in front of our apartments.

Traveling between Boston and Manhattan takes about the same amount of time whether you go by plane, train, or bus when you factor in the time needed for early check-in, for security screening, and for getting to and from the airports.  With GoSherpa and door-to-door transport, one saves more time by eliminating the time needed to get to and from the station, to wait to board and to disembark, to wait for the plane/train/bus to actually depart, to claim bags, and to find your taxi/Uber.

In terms of price, GoSherpa costs less than almost all the alternatives when you factor in the savings from not needing a taxi/Uber on each end of your journey.  (A taxi/Uber from JFK airport, alone, costs almost $50!)  The one exception to this comparison is bus travel; even for bus travel, the total travel cost is only slightly less than that of GoSherpa when you factor in the costs of taxis/Ubers in Boston & in NYC.  At this point, the small premium is well worth for the cpnvenience of beiong picked up from home and fpr not havoing to wait on the sidewalk for 30 minutes on a sweltering summer day or frigid winter night.

For those who do this Boston to NYC run frequently, GoSherpa offers unlimited $1 Transport Fare for the rest of a 12-month period after you have taken just 6 round-trips with them.