Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GoSherpasm? What is SkiSherpasm? What is TravelSherpasm? Why do you make it so confusing with so many different “sherpas”?

GoSherpasm is the name of our company. It is the umbrella under which we offer transportation services under two primary Service Lines – SkiSherpasm and Travel Sherpasm. SkiSherpasm offers skiing-related services. TravelSherpasm offers inter-city transport services between Boston and New York City. The concept of providing door-to-door transport service to the ski slopes is what our company is founded on; however, It would be awkward to run around as SkiSherpasm in the middle of summer.

What is meant by GoSherpasm operating as a “club”?

Members of the GoSherpa Clubsm have sought out GoSherpasm as their regular provider of transportation services for going skiing and for traveling between Boston and New York City. As such, GoSherpasm first caters to the needs of these regularly, recurring customers who have made a financial commitment to GoSherpasm in terms of membership dues; having done that GoSherpasm, then, seeks to meet the transportation needs of the public who are not members.

What are the benefits of being a Member of the GoSherpa Clubsm ?

GoSherpa ClubSM Members enjoy:

Member Pricing – which translates into prices that are 15% - 20% lower than those charged non-members

Priority booking – which means seats are made available to Members before they are made available to non-members

Preferential Pick-Up/Drop-Off – which means, to the extent practical, Members are the last ones picked-up and the first ones dropped-off.

How much does it cost to go skiing with SkiSherpasm?

The cost depends upon a number of factors: Are you a Member or non-member? What time of the ski season or the day of the week do you want to ski? How old are you? Will you ski with your own skis or will you rent skis?

To give a simple base case for comparison, it costs $318 for two Adult Members ($159 per person) for transport and lift ticket on a weekend in the middle of the ski season. A $30 charge (per Pick-Up Location) and a 3% Booking Fee are added to the subtotal.

Various discounts may apply. For example, Seniors and Teenagers who are Members receive a 10% discount (dropping the amount to $143 per person). Pre-Teen Members receive a discount of 15% (resulting in $135 per child). Even Adult Members can ski for $144 per person if they choose to ski mid-week; the percentage discounts for Seniors, Teenagers, and Pre-Teens would apply on top of this lower mid-week amount. Other discounts apply to ski outing scheduled for late-March/early-April.

I have a ski pass or free lift ticket vouchers valid at the ski resort. Can I buy just the transport and opt-out of the lift tickets?

Yes, you can. Transport-only costs $180 for two adult Members ($90 per person) on a weekend in the middle of the ski season. A $30 charge (per Pick-Up Location) and a 3% Booking Fee are added to the subtotal.

Can I buy just the discounted lift tickets and drive ourselves to the ski resort?

No, as a general practice, SkiSherpasm does NOT sell discounted lift tickets without transportation. (Our agreements with most ski resorts prohibit us from doing so.) An exception is made for promotions in which multi-lift tickets are packaged together (not individual tickets) offering further discounts to those already provided by SkiSherpasm. However, although it is not obligatory to buy the transportation service from SkiSherpasm for these promotions, the redemption feature of these packages was designed to make them convenient only for those who would be traveling with SkiSherpasm. [In other words, delivery of the lift tickets for specific ski resorts would only be made on the dates that SkiSherpasm undertakes a ski outing to that particular ski resort. Redemption requires pre-notification of SkiSherpasm and for the skier to find the Sherpa driver at the ski resort. Such promotions were designed to offer further savings for skiers traveling with SkiSherpasm]

Why do you charge $30 Per Location

The convenience of Door-To-Door transport is GoSherpasm’s signature service. However, to avoid a customer experience whereby SkiSherpasm vans are driving all around town for 45 minutes picking-up one passenger here and one passenger there before heading-off towards the destination, GoSherpasm seeks out passengers that are traveling in larger groups – ideally parties 4 or greater with a minimum party size of two. With the pick-up charge being formulated as a fixed $30 amount, for a party of six, that would increase each passenger’s cost by only $5; for a party of four, the increase would be only $7.50. In short, the fixed $30 Per Location Pick-Up charge is designed to encourage larger parties. Alternatively, GoSherpasm could not charge this Per-Location Pick-Up charge and just increase the price of transport indiscriminately across-the-board by $10 to $100 per person. GoSherpasm chose not to do the latter.

Going skiing with SkiSherpasm is more expensive than some alternatives?

Yes, GoSherpasm’s prices do involve a price premium which is to compensate for the added costs incurred to provide Door-To-Door service and other added convenience and comfort. Also, this price premium may not be as significant as it initially appears.

Comparing to the costs of going to the slopes on a ski bus:

It costs $50-$55 per person for round-trip transportation for some other ski transport companies. However, to get to the bus stop, you would have to pay $10-$15 for an Uber/taxi to get there and another $10-$15 to get from the bus stop back home. Adding this $30 cost to the $50 for the ski bus, this $80 total is only $10 less than the $90 for SkiSherpasm. This analysis does not take into consideration the difficulty of finding a taxi/Uber at 5:30 AM – also one that has the ski rack or trunk space that can handle your skis. This analysis also does not take into account the $30 Per-Location charge as that analysis depends on the size of the travelling party. (For a party of 4, adding $7.50 to the $90 per-person charge would bring the total to $97.50.)

Comparing to the costs of going to the slopes driving

Driving yourself to the slopes will usually cost less than going with SkiSherpasm or any other ski transport company (especially for a larger party). However, SkiSherpasm offers lift tickets at significant discounts. Standard Window Rates for lift tickets at almost all 12 ski resorts serviced by SkiSherpasm range from $85 to $119. Thus, SkiSherpasm price of $69 per lift ticket represents a discount of 20% to 35%. Thus, the price paid for a lift ticket provided by SkiSherpasm may be lower than even that paid as part of an organized ski group (>20 skiers).

Who would find SkiSherpasm services MOST beneficial?

Skiers who want to a variety in the ski resorts, terrain, and trails.

Skiers who might be too busy with studies and/or work to lose 5-6 hours for travel and prep on top of the time actually spent on the slopes.

Skiers who might not have ready access to a vehicle that is suitable for transporting themselves and their equipment to the slopes

Skiers who intend to ski during mid-week when no other ski transport operator is offering ski outings

Skiers who are visiting Boston (for work or for play) and do not have with them the apparel for going skiing (as SkiSherpasm rents out ski apparel)

Skiers who are part of a large, young family who find handling the ski equipment cumbersome

Skiers who don’t want the peripheral hassles (driving, handling skis, washing-off car)

Skiers who need transport for a ski outing that does not have enough participants to justify chartering-out a bus or coach (in other words, one that numbers less than 27 individuals)

Who would find SkiSherpasm services LESS beneficial?

Skiers living in the suburbs (as Door-To-Door Pick-Up/Drop-Off would be impractical)

Skiers who do not mind skiing the same trails over and over again (as a ski pass for 1 or even 3 mountains would be more economical)

Skiers for whom the convenience and comfort of SkiSherpasm services are insufficient to justify the price premium

How did you come up with the idea for SkiSherpasm?

As often is the case for starting a new business, the origins of GoSherpasm traces back to the founder and his friends not being able to find a company that provides the services they were seeking – specifically, Door-To-Door transport between Boston and ski resorts and between Boston and major cities adjacent to New England.

Where are you based?

GoSherpasm vans operate out of Stoneham, MA

How do I book a trip?

Trips can be booked via GoSherpasm’s website, by telephone, or by email.

What are the basic benefits and savings in SkiSherpasm promotions?

The SkiSherpasm promotions offer the following savings:

Member Pricing without Membership dues (of $29.99 per month or $359.88 per year).

Even greater savings versus the SkiSherpasm’s already discounted lift ticket prices of $69 for weekends and $59 for mid-week

$60 per lift ticket for Anytime 6-Pack

$55 per lift ticket for Anytime 10-Pack

$45 per lift ticket for Mid-Week 10-Pack

$12 per lift ticket for Season Pass (assumes 64 ski trips)

The $30 Per-Location Pick-Up Charge is waived

The 3% Booking Fee is waived.

The promotions are designed to allow customers to “try-out” SkiSherpasm services, to give as a gift, or provide significant savings for those who commit to using SkiSherpasm as their primary means for getting to the ski slopes. For example, although the lift ticket and season’s pass promotions do NOT require that the skier travel to the ski resort with SkiSherpasm, the means thru which they are redeemed (meet the Sherpa driver at the ski resort on the morning of Ski Day) make their redemptions fairly inconvenient if the skier was not to travel with SkiSherpasm.

What do you do during the non-skiing months?

The primary non-skiing setting in which GoSherpasm will be operating is inter-city travel. Initially, this will be between Boston and NYC.

How long have you been in business?

We are a start-up. 2018

How many vans do you have?


How many passengers can each van hold?

Thirteen (13)

Can I charter a van?

Yes, GoSherpasm vans can be chartered for transport services only or with ancillary services (equipment and apparel rental, ski lessons, ski portering, etc.)

What kind of ski apparel does SkiSherpasm provide and how much would it cost?

A Set of ski apparel available for rent includes: Outer ski jacket, ski pants, ski gloves, ski goggles ($45-$55 per set.)

Individual pieces of apparel available for purchase include: Inner thermal upper-body wear ($10 per piece) and socks ($6 per pair)