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SkiSherpasm was founded as a “club” to transport avid, city-dwelling skiers to a network of local ski resorts on a door-to-slope basis.

Door-to-slope transport means being picked-up at an address of your choosing at the beginning of your ski day and being dropped-off at an address (also of your choosing) at the end of your ski day. Getting to the ski slopes and back couldn’t be experienced more simply and more conveniently.  

Why SkiSherpasm?


As a SkiSherpaSM client, you will have the option of skiing at any of 12 mountains at discounted rates.


SkiSherpaSM picks you up from the comfort of your home and drops you back at your home at the end of your ski day.


With SkiSherpaSM you practically walk from your home onto the slopes, snap your boots into your bindings, and simply start skiing.

Ski Resorts

For the 2018 – 2019 ski season, you will be able to ski a multitude of terrain and trails at any of the following ski resorts:
(click on a logo below to be directed to the resort’s website)


Make The Best Use of Your Travel Time

GO to the slopes on a Mercedes-Benz van custom-built to deliver optimal comfort and convenience.  These vehicles, known as “SherpaMulessm”, have been specially designed to allow their skier-passengers to make the most productive use of their time during their travels (working, studying, relaxing). SherpaMulessm  have been equipped with the following features: 


Tables & Trays

Electrical Outlets

Reading Lamps

Internet WiFi

Reclining Seats

Laptop Lockers

Overhead Compartments

Ski Racks


Ski Without The Hassles

SkiSherpasm delivers a Snap-N-Skism customer experience whereby you practically walk from your home onto the slopes, snap your boots into your bindings, and simply start skiing.  At the end of the day, you snap your boots from the bindings and walk from the slopes to the front door of your home/lodging.  SkiSherpaSM offers the following services:



Discounted Lift Tickets

Pre-Loading of Gear


Porter Service

Ski Rentals & Lessons

Ski Apparel Rental

Gear Storage

The Value Of A SkiSherpasm

SkiSherpaSM is ideal for those who are avid skiers and:

Need to make better use of their travel time

Don’t own a car suitable for going to the slopes

Intend to ski in the middle of the week

Are visiting Boston

Want a hassle-free skiing experience

When all the costs are considered, a SkiSherpaSM can be had for a modest premium.

* Cost per Member for a party of TWO adults. Seniors, youth, children and parties greater than TWO travel for less.


The difference a SkiSherpasm Makes


Taking A Ski Bus Versus SkiSherpasm

Without SkiSherpasm You:

  • Take taxi/Uber between home & the ski bus (There & Back)

  • Load & unload skis onto & out of taxi/ Uber then onto & out of the ski bus (There & Back)

  • Keep valuables like laptops and tablets on your person

  • Frantically rush back to the ski bus for a 4:15 PM departure

With SkiSherpasm You:

  • SkiSherpaSM  picks you up and drops you off at your home/lodging

  • Ski equipment is pre-loaded & stored afterwards and SkiSherpaSM porters & unpacks skis

  • Valuables like laptops are stored in locked cabinets in SherpaMuleSM

  • Complimentary refreshments served as SkiSherpaSM re-packs & porters skis

Taking Your Car Versus SkiSherpasm

Without SkiSherpasm You:

  • Drive for 2-3 hours There (and 2-3 hours Back)

  • Wait in long lines for lift tickets and ski rentals

  • Abstain from spirits before driving

  • Wash-off road salt & otherwise clean car

With SkiSherpasm You:

  • You rest, work, study, eat, or read on SherpaMuleSM

  • Discounted lift tickets and ski rentals are Ready-N-Waitin’

  • You relax with spirits served at ski lodge

  • SkiSherpaSM washes/cleans SherpaMuleSM


Go skiing with SkiSherpasm