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Make The Best Use of Your Travel Time

GO to your destination on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van customized to deliver optimal comfort and convenience.  These vehicles, known as “SherpaMulesSM,” have been especially designed to allow their passengers to make the most productive use of their time during their travels (working, studying, relaxing). All SherpaMules have been equipped with the following features: 

Table & Trays

Electric Outlets

Reading Lamps

Internet WIFI

Reclining Seats

Laptop Lockers

Overhead Compartments

Luggage Racks

Traveling with InterCitySherpasm Means

Not having to look or check-in for your rides/flight repeatedly

Not having to load, unload, load, and unload your luggage time and time again

Not having to take your shoes off or your laptop out

Not losing time to waiting in multiple lines

How InterCitySherpasm Compares To The Alternatives

InterCitySherpasm’s travel time is comparable to those of its alternatives

The  total cost to go with InterCitySherpasm is less then most others

Getting there with InterCitySherpasm is easy and convenient


Time Comparison

Price Comparison

* Cost Per Member for a Party of Two


The Difference a InterCitySherpasm Makes

InterCitySherpasm Versus The Alternatives

Traveling Without InterCitySherpasm

Means for you and your luggage, you have to :

Before Departing From Boston (or New York)

  • Load into a taxi/Uber to get to train/bus station or airport

  • Un-load from a taxi/Uber at train/bus station or airport

  • Wait and go through the hassles of checking-in

  • Wait in line to be screened and searched by security – taking off/putting on shoes, belt & liquids and taking out/putting back laptops

  • Wait and go through the hassles of boarding train, bus or airplane

After Arriving At New York (or Boston)

  • Wait to un-board from train/bus or de-plane from airplane

  • Wait to retrieve luggage from baggage claim

  • Find/wait for taxi/Uber

  • Load onto a taxi/Uber to get to lodging/home/office

  • Un-load from taxi/Uber at your destination

There is a lot of waiting & carrying, loading & unloading, un-dressing & dressing, and un-packing & re-packing going on there.

Traveling With InterCitySherpasm

Means a Get-On/Get-Off travel experience whereby simply:

  1. At your point of origination (your lodging/home/office):
    You load yourself and InterCitySherpasm loads your luggage into the SherpaMuleSM

  2. At your point of destination (your lodging/home/office):
    You unload yourself and InterCitySherpasm unloads your luggage from the SherpaMuleSM

Very straightforward and hassle-free.



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